Welcome to Our World of Inspiration

Here is some of our rental furniture. Hover over image for pricing and description.

With our rental furniture and custom prop creation we can create these

inspired looks from the most beautiful weddings around!

See below for the the types of decor we love to create from our favorite inspiration photos. Click on images for pricing.  All custom decor is created uniquely

for your event.  Please allow 60 days lead time. Deposit required.

Prices do not include delivery.

Create these custom looks with our tin collection.  Prices start at $10
We have loads of vintage silver plated trays. We can create custom signs and decor just for your event. Prices start at $15 per piece
We have loads of vintage glass vases ready for paint.  What is your color palette? We can create custom glass decor. Starting at $7 per piece
We have several steam trunks and suitcases to help you create this look.  Prices start at $15
With our laser cut lettering we can create this look - gorgeous custom signage. Prices start at $45
We can build rustic looking flower boxes and crates - just like these- using our reclaimed lumber collection.  Prices start at $8
We love dress form decor. We have both male and female body forms . Get creative!  Prices start a $35
We love this idea and can create one just like it fr your event.  Price starts at $50 including bean bags.

Do you have a Pinterest board or a file of inspiration photos?

We would love to see them . It will help us have a better idea of your special look

so that we can create custom designs to suit your style.